Solveig Bergh
Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

Originally from New York City, but based in Norway since 2008, I am an Intuitive Tarot card reader and  professional Hatha Yoga Instructor. For decades I have been fascinated by, and passionate about the ancient spiritual art of Tarot card reading. It has been my mission to extend my knowledge of healing, meditation, energy work, and psychic intuition with an open heart to as many people as I can. Now I am offering clients the unique experience of having personal Tarot card readings here at my private yoga and meditation studio, in the beautiful and historic neighbourhood of Våland, right in Stavanger Centre.  My readings are based on decades of experience, honesty ,truth and true love of Tarot and healing. Online video call readings also available for those that wish it. As a certified Sivananda Style Hatha yoga instructor since 2003,  certified in Pregnancy Hatha Yoga instructor since 2018, I also offer private Yoga sessions at my studio.  All classes focus on gentle, comprehensive classical Yoga and Meditation instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced students of all ages, as well as Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth.  All Yoga sessions and Tarot Card Readings are by appointment only.


Our Philosophy


Participants will experience an in depth, personal Tarot card reading held in my Yoga and Meditation Centre. Housed in a charming traditional 19th century Norwegian home, in the beautiful, historic neighbourhood of Våland right near Stavanger City Centre. You will be welcomed into a very relaxing environment where using the energy of the cards and my guided intuition I will reveal to you how the current energies surrounding you are effecting your situation. The cards can reveal the possible course of action or likely outcome of your inquiry. This is based on the subtle energy exchange between us taking place during our time together, helping me to use my intuition through the cards to help guide and reveal to you what you may need to know about your personal life, love, career, healing or any question you have.  My readings are of a minimum 60 minutes, going into as much truth and detail as the cards wish to reveal. If you wish, my Tarot Card Readings can be  followed by a Rune Stone reading to finish off the experience and gain extra insight to your question. 


Sivananda Hatha Yoga



The fast paced energy of modern life can often leave us forgetful of how to properly nurture ourselves. Lotus Elements offers practitioners a unique way to explore the more gentle style and traditions of Classical Hatha Yoga. A traditional form of Yoga, fashioned with the aim of encouraging a better sense of well being and self care. Sivananda Hatha Yoga classes are structured around taking the time and attention to truly examine the subtleties of each exercise preformed. Emphasising a deep understanding and awareness of both form and connection to breath. Challenging, yet tranquil, this practice is ideally suited to those searching for a safe and effective method of gaining strength and calm.  Classical Hatha Yoga instruction prioritises taking the time to fully understand and deeply feel each position. This is a practice formulated with gentle, full awareness, so as to most benefit the physical and mental experience.  Learn at your own pace in a private comfortable setting. All sessions are individually designed to fit your needs. Pregnancy Yoga Classes are also available.  A gentle practice designed to help all mothers nourish themselves  and connect in a unique way with baby during this magical journey.  My prenatal classes have a full range of adapted yoga postures intended for your comfort. Lotus Elements strives to inspire simple methods to help students touch peace in their daily lives.