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Personalised Tarot Card Readings & Rune Stone Casting

Tarot Card Readings and Rune Stone Readings

My Personalised Tarot readings are of a minimum 60 minutes, going into as much truth and detail as the cards wish to reveal. You can decide to visit my Meditation and Yoga Studio located on the beautiful island of Godøya. Or you can book a session on a video call and enjoy a reading from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Your also welcome to choose a Rune Stone Reading as an add on to your experience. Follow up your Intuitive Tarot Reading with the ancient art of Rune casting. This practice has a long history in Norway, reaching deep into our Viking past. Finish off your experience and gain extra insight into your questions. Readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions.Love, Luck, Career and Spiritual goals.  

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